Yalanda Lattimore
DryBuzz.com Founder

Did you know Carla Morrison is creating a wonderful universe for our daughters?
If you're looking for an organization to support this year, please help a sister out with Sisters of Today & Tomorrow.

Having friends like Carla is such an inspiration.

Freda Johnson
DC Educator

I appreciate and envy your efforts to reach the young sisters of this world. This world will eat a black woman up if she has no direction!
You not only give them direction but a blue print on how to get there and who to contact when they arrive!

Sylvia Webb
40 Girls and Some Shoes Group

Carla, I really enjoyed the program, and I wish you the best with the work you are doing for the young ladies in SOT.
Ladies and Gentlemen, please reach out and support Ms. Morrison, she is doing an awesome job with this organization and she can do even more with our help.

Brenda Carter
Cleveland Style Deli

Carla thanks for inviting me to your Women of Today and Tomorrow Event. I truly enjoyed myself and the young ladies of today and Tomorrow. You are a blessing and a blessing to the young ladies. Keep doing what you do and let me know how I can get my daughter involved. Hope everyone enjoyed the food!

Keline Bornelus & Kim M. Jones-Braud
Nationwide Insurance

We appreciated the opportunity to be part of your event and we had a wonderful time.
-Keline Bornelus

Aww, thanks so much! It was our pleasure to be there - you are doing great work! The girls are blessed to have you!
-Kim M. Jones Braud

Kimberly Byer-Clark
National Black MBA Board Member

Great job tonight and keep doing what you are doing!

Edna Howell-Parrish
Veteran Radio Personality

Hey Miss Chit Chat. You are such an inspirational business woman.