After The Party, What's The Plan?
A Symposium Series

After The Party, What's The Plan? is a national program that tours across the country (set to impact the world), promoting higher education and entrepreneurship through a panel discussion, with prominent professionals in entertainment, sports, communications, fashion, politics, civic leadership and more. The program is for boys & girls, ages 16-21 (primary); 9-15 & 22-26 (secondary).


Sisters of Today & Tomorrow Leadership Conference for Girls 
The Annual Conference

The “Sisters of Today & Tomorrow” Leadership Conference for Girls, is an all day conference that consists of various workshops focusing on self esteem, education, health & fitness, careers/entrepreneurship and personal development. The conference is geared towards girls aged 11-18, and the women who raise them.



“Celebrating Women of Color”
Women's History Month Event

“Celebrating Women of Color” is a women's history month celebration, which involves a keynote speaker, poetry, musical entertainment, drama, food, fun and more, for women aged 21-45 and their families.




SOT YOUniversity

It is a volunteer based, inter-generational women and girls driven division, under Sisters of Today and Tomorrow’s nonprofit organization umbrella, redesigning the way women and girls communicate, through a series of programs, special events and activities, designed to explore and strengthen the bond between them.


  • Mommy, Mentor & Me.
  • Sisters Circle.
  • Sisters Keeper Weekend.
  • SOT YOUniversity Newsletter.

Mommy, Mentor & Me..." is a series of activities that include, but not limited to: Special outings, health & wellness workshops, cooking demonstrations, etiquette classes and tea parties. The program takes place in the month(s) of April, May, July and September, exploring and strengthening the bound between mother, daughter and mentor.

“Sisters Circle” has been an inter-generational workshop that takes place during SOT's annual girl’s leadership conference. The discussion has been so powerful over the years that we have developed it into a program of its own.

“Sisters Keeper Weekend” is a 24-hour shut-in for women to deal with their issues of self esteem, health, wellness and healing, which include yoga and meditation. The girls come-in 16 hours later, where we provide financial literacy as well as health & fitness workshops, an empowerment brunch and a Sisters Circle.

“SOT YOUniversity Newsletter” is a quarterly publication written for and by women and girls. The publication includes the happenings of Sisters of Today and Tomorrow, its members, big sisters, volunteers, sponsors and supporters, in addition to statistics and legislation that directly affects women and girls. 


Sisters of Today & Tomorrow’s network of nonprofit organizations…

  • APEX Museum
  • Atlanta / National Cares Mentoring Movement
  • Dixwell-Newhallville Senior Center
  • James Hillhouse High School
  • Rainbow Push
  • The Ludacris Foundation
  • The Stewart Foundation
  • Yale University African American Cultural Center