How Loud Are Your Actions?

by: Carla Morrison, Founder

“Your actions speak louder than words.” Those were the words of wisdom imparted to me by Ms. Ruth Wilson, my first grade teacher. Forty years later, that statement resonates louder than ever. 

My actions say, I am about the business of empowering girls to become goal-oriented young leaders. My words say, “we need funding and support’” to keep doing the work.  My belief has always been, if I keep doing the work, the support and funding will come. And just as the wind blows, the support and donations come and go. 

For 12 years, I have been exposing and empowering youth across the country to various career and educational opportunities.  People often tell me what a good thing I am doing in the community and how I’m helping so many young people. Often times, it’s hard for me to see it, because I’m so deep in the trenches and the results of my actions aren’t immediate; yet I persevere. 

What drives me is a natural desire to help those who have the will to do and be great.

My passion to help and mentor others is deeply rooted in my DNA; however, the fuel that keeps me going is God and the giving people he sends my way. Will your actions help support our girls? Make a contribution today at (Click the donate button) or mail your contribution, Sisters of Today and Tomorrow, PO Box 54066, Atlanta, Georgia. 30308.

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